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Eco Products

Zambeezi sounds so catchy and the first thing that came to mind was bees, but that's not the point there is more meaning behind the name. Zambeezi is a partnership with the Zambian beekeepers and farmers that created a story. (see the full story on website)

They use natural ingredients, such as organic beeswax, sunflower oil, and ethically sourced essential oils. 

Zambeezi is fully transparent with their ingredients and my favorite products are the honey lip balm and the cassia bar soap. 


I was introduced to Chic made consciously at a pop-up market and immediately connected with their story. Chic made consciously offers accessories to people from collaborating with different artisans from around the world. 

Chic made consciously is an advocate for slow fashion and found creative ways to express their jewelry using repurposed materials. 

One of their popular pieces is the handcrafted bubble bracelet made from recycled inner tube. The bracelet was designed by artisan partners in Bali.


Tis' the season for festive masks, thus I was very happy to receive my reusable masks from a team whose main goal is to make a difference in their community by giving back. 

Michael and Sheen are the founders of the buy-one-give-one initiative called GiveAMask. Their initiative was inspired by front-line workers, grocery stores, and city services. By purchasing a mask you are also supplying a service worker with a mask. 


Apart from being locally made GiveAMask's fabric is breathable and sustainable. 


I’m such a geek for cute packaging, and I was super excited to received my rose gold razor in the mail. 

It was my first time using a reusable razor and I was relief to know my package came with a instruction manual. #safteyfirst 

Lisse is run by Amy, a small business owner in Vancouver, Canada. She promotes a safer and sustainable razor because she believes that what goes on your skin ends up in your body so she always favoured clean and toxic-free products and ingredients.

As a conscious consumer, I’m glad I made the switch because I was already tired of buying disposable razors that continues adding to the landfill and ocean pollution. Now, I have invested in Lisseshave reusable razor that is not only a zero waste tool but also allows me to save over time, and a reduce chances of cuts. 


My goal has always been to avoid shopping fast fashion so why should my hair accessories be any different? I totally recommend giving slow fashion a chance. 



Joséfa David is an owner of a local business in Toronto, Canada that produces hand made (and hand drawn) ethical hair accessories made from silk and linen. 

A part from using sustainably sourced fabrics Joséfa choose to use digital printing as an alternative to conventional printing since it uses less water, fewer chemicals and less waste which lowers carbon footprint by 30%.

Joséfa David had added eco- conscious packaging as well using a durable, plant-based and 100% compostable packaging manufactured by NOISSUE

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