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What do you think about a zero waste grocery store?

Have you heard of a zero waste grocery store? Have you ever been to a zero waste grocery store? Many say it gives off a stereotypical meaning which only caters to white, middle class, older ladies but we should remove ourselves from that mentality, since its an alternative to shopping for groceries and products that you really need and it's totally up to you if you choose to buy in bulk or only for a few days. When looking at buying in bulk, the price of some zero waste products can seem very pricey. And it definitely can be. While some things are more expensive, some things are cheaper. Of course, this also depends on where you live and what resources you have available to you.

I personally wish there were more zero waste grocery stores, so that way I can stop buying from bigger grocery stories. I know what you are probably thinking, "a girl can only dream." I believe someday that will change especially since there are plenty of people still exploiting the planet, using more than their fair share of resources, and encouraging consumption. However, others are finding other ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Everyone is trying to do better for themselves and the planet but in order for the zero waste movement to spread, folks need to be supportive, inclusive and encourage all voices.

I was thrilled to visit Unboxed Market Toronto.

Unboxed Market Toronto is one of the local, small business that is doing better.

A zero waste's grocery store goal:

1. Single- use packaging

2. Only buy what you NEED

Unboxed Market Toronto did mention that they are only two zero waste grocery stores in the city of Toronto which are : The Bare Market and Unboxed Market.

And they do get a lot of comments by visitors (as myself) questioning about other locations.

Especially, since it’s such a fun and easy way to shop by bringing clean containers from home to fill your containers with any product you need. You can also rent jars or buy a reusable bag at the store.

A part from the normal dry goods, and fresh fruit unboxed market has a tiny cafe and bakery, plus cleaning and personal care products.

Unboxed Market now has new opening hours due to COVID and you can check out there website for more information.


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