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Trending or not?

This year a lot of clothing brands are coming back with "new trends." But wait, are they really new? We have seen some of these before, right? There seems to be something from every decade that has made its way front and center in the fashion world again.

An example of a trend that is making a comeback this year is the use of the silk scarf of the 50s. My ladies today are getting creative and silk is in. Whether it’s for tying their hair back, to wear around the neck (the old-fashioned way), or now using them as tops (yes, we know, not a lot of material for a top), they are finding a purpose for scarfs to make a climb back to the top. This accessory is used to spice up any type of outfit.

Trends come out faster than people can even buy them, and new things are delivered to high street stores daily. It’s unethical and unsustainable yes, but it’s also exhausting and confusing, as we’re constantly overloaded with new visual information. No wonder we get bored of our clothes in an instant and feel like we’re always behind. So how can we change that?

Even if we remove sustainability out of the question, fashion is meant to be about personal expression and having fun, not following trends set by someone else. Instead of trying to keep up with what other people tell you to buy, why not treat investing in your long-term wardrobe as an act of self-love and adding a personal touch?

I know sometimes I fall into the misconception, "treat yourself, hunnie" but when you think of it that's so misleading because you feel great only at the moment.

I'm not saying that you should not buy clothing but be very mindful of your purchases. When finding your style it's all about the confidence and the way you look at yourself. Think about creating a closet that accurately reflects who you are, makes you feel good in your skin, and is kind to your body. Long term. So instead of following fast fashion you can figure out your style, and curate a closet that will bring enjoyment for years to come.

Before you even decide to curate a sustainable wardrobe these are some questions to consider.

i.) use what you already have because it simply allows you to save money and get creative as you sort out pieces in your closet. Perhaps schedule a weekend to mix and match pieces that you think go well together.

ii.) finding joy in rewearing your clothes again because think about it, you decided to purchase that top or bottom because you look good in it. Sometimes we don't get another opportunity for that right fit.

iii.) caring and repairing your clothing is often a struggle but you just don't give away/ throw away an item if there is a need to sew on a button or mend a rip.

iv.) creating your own trend is very important because oftentimes we think having a new item(s) sets a trend when in reality it's you who makes it trendy.

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