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About a year ago I made the decision to start an eco conscious lifestyle. I still have so much to learn especially when it comes to fashion. However, I wanted to share more about ethical fashion since that's what initially had me gravitate towards green living.

A part from oil being the number one pollutant in the world, the fashion industry is only second in line. Pollution from the chemical treatment used in dyeing of material and disposal of large amounts of unsold clothing through landfill deposits are harmful to the environment. This is one of my favourite fact that I get to share especially to folks who don't understand what major impact the fashion industry has on consumers that practice fast fashion. Fast fashion - clothing produced quickly, and sold by large, mass-market retailers in order to respond to the latest fashion trends.

Nevertheless, I'm not here telling you to get rid of all your fast fashion purchases, or anything in your current wardrobe. If you enjoy wearing them and you already have them then, that's great! You are allowed to use your items as long as you want. It is not recommended to remove all your clothing and replace everything, you will only create more waste.

In order to mitigate the problem the trend of sustainable fashion - also known as eco fashion / slow fashion /ethical fashion was introduced. Sustainable fashion's goal is to increase value in local production and products, to increase the value of timeless garments, to reduce the amount of waste, and to reduce the harm to the environment. Clearly, it was an alternative to fast fashion and a system that allows for human impact on the environment and social responsibility.


Practicing slow fashion is great way to lean towards having a healthier shopping habit. Slow fashion is buying vintage clothes, redesigning old clothes, shopping from smaller producers, making clothes and accessories at home and buying garments that last longer.

When I started looking for clothing at second hand stores I was a bit skeptical, especially since you feel like the clothing won't meet your expectation, and I was worried about the quality. I did not know that these places do take the time to review each item but you should also be the judge of your purchase as well. I loved the idea of finding cool items that then became something I added to my lifestyle. I must admit it does take up some time from your day to find particular items however after calculating how much you spend at the end it is definitely worth it. You also don't leave with the guilt when exiting the store.

Apart from thrift stores there are other initiatives that controls fast fashion urges. Sometimes we all go through the struggle of loving a certain item in our closest that no longer fits anymore, instead of throwing it away attend or organize clothing swaps where you can trade your clothing.

If you're in Toronto, I would like to recommend Toronto's cool fashion library, Fresh Fashion Library. Fresh Fashion Library is hidden fresh start for those looking to explore new options in style and fashion. I got a tour by the lovely Zoey Wen last week and tried on some cool items.

#Freshfashionlibrary #mothererth

It is never late to save more, sustain a new wardrobe yet still be stylish. Remember it's not all about trends, or brands but about creating your own personal style.

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