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“It's the most wonderful time of the year they say," but lets not go overboard when shopping this year. I know easier said than done, right?

Do you ever find that you are more concern about the price than the quality? Do you find that once the scent is pleasant one disregards the ingredients used in a product?

Many times these are the reasons behind impulse shopping. We are all use to getting products that are "easy" to purchase, however we avoid the consequences. We forget that everything in life never comes easy, so we should be mindful of the stuff we purchase, and/ or consume. It's been a journey for me when considering what to buy but slowly learning to keep accountable of every purchase. Trust me it is very difficult to be conscious of our finds because we get tricked by the discounted prices and seasonal sales. I know we all feel guilty at the end though, right? Don't lie! Next time try questioning if the sale was worth it.

Below are a few of my own alternatives that I would like to share

1. My Magic Mud #toothpaste and Brush with Bamboo #toothbrush

I been using activated charcoal toothpaste for about 2 years now. It's a more natural oral care that gently whitens and cleans teeth. The story behind is even better the duo self-staring partners, Justin and Jessica's needed to find a solution after their kid's severe cavity experience, My Magic Mud is one of the first to develop a natural toothpaste from scratch using a mixture of activated coconut shell charcoal, calcium bentonite clay, organic peel extract and organic mint extract. My Magic Mud toothpaste is made with 95% certified organic ingredients, fluoride free and is now used internationally.

Brush with Bamboo toothbrushes started with the Kumar family in California shifting their home into an organic permaculture garden. Initially, the Kumar family planted fruits and vegetables for their community thus realizing that plastic take extremely long to decompose they then navigated a new idea. The Kumar family were one of the first company's to manufacture bamboo toothbrushes. Brush with Bamboo has been saving oceans and are a better alternative to the landfill- clogging plastic toothbrushes. A part from the handle being bamboo I love that the Brush with Bamboo's plant based nylon bristles are of 62% castor bean oil.

2. Burt's Bees #lipbalm

With the winter coming up there are a few natural lip balm I enjoy using, however I'm more inclined to Burt's Bee. The founder, Burt Shavitz started to reconnect with nature at an older age than he thought but eventually developed an organic lip balm by cultivating several bee hives then fostered the honey and wax right in his area. The bee's wax is the primary ingredient in the Burt's Bees lip balm that acts like a natural skin conditioner including other oils such as Vitamin E and Peppermint.

3. Green Beaver #deodorant

Lavendar Green Beaver deodorant is probably my favorite. Thanks to Karen and Alain, biochemist and microbiologist who decided to create a healthier product due to the harsh chemicals found in children's shampoos, bubbles baths and other self care products. Green Beaver deodorant is aluminum free and contains sage oil isolate which essentially kills the body odors and labrador tea that prevents irritation causes by shaving.

4. Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap #allpurposesoap

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap is an ecologically formulated soap that can be used on the body, face, and hair. I was impressed by Emanuel Bronner Magic soap's message of unity across religious and ethnic divides which is now committed to make socially and environmentally responsible products. The Castile soap is naturally sourced from fair trade ingredients such as olive, coconut and laurel oil. The best part of an all purpose soap it is that it makes an effective home cleanser for washing dishes, or mopping floors.

5. Arbonne's RE9 Advanced Prepwork #skincare #moisturizer

I must say Arbonne was one of the brands that contributed to my eco conscious mindset and doing more research on ingredients in products especially since their mission is to use safe, pure an beneficial ingredients, not to mention they follow a strict European policy thanks to founder Petter Morck. The RE9 Advanced prepwork is a moisture- boosting superfood cocktail of antioxidants and omegas to keep your skin radiant and healthy.

6. Ecotools #makeupbrushes

Having 100% cruelty free, vegan makeup brushes sounds great and all but what makes them outstanding is that they can be used with cream and powdered makeup products. Eco tools have been a safe alternative to use since it made from synthetic hair which is soft on the skin. Eco tools makeup brushes are much durable, easier to clean and sheds less hair as oppose to animal "natural" makeup brushes.

Photo credit @sachitha

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