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8 Podcasts to Inspire an Eco-Lifestyle

Environmental Podcasts

Podcasting is pretty much the "audioblogging" that started in late 2004. I have made a short list of my favourite podcasts in the green movement that focuses on minimalism, sustainability, and eco-entrepreneurship.

These podcasts focus primarily on conscious living and sustainability, and they often invite well-known eco-leaders and environmental activists to their podcast shows. I normally listen to my podcasts while I work since they inspire me as I complete my task throughout my day.

Each episode is packed with knowledge and inspiration to motivate your own eco-conscious choices and lifestyle.

A Sustainable Mind Podcast

1. A Sustainable Mind Podcast

The host, Marjorie Alexander recognized that she was one of fewer young women and often the only woman of color at conferences and meetings.

A Sustainable Mind Podcast was created to include all earth-conscious individuals, ecopreneurs, environmental activists, sustainability enthusiasts, grassroots organizers, minimalists, and conscious consumers.

Listen to: Emotional Sustainability and Self-care, People of Color in the Outdoor Community

Listen on: iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google, TuneIn

Sustainable Brown Girl

2. Sustainable Brown Girl

The host and founder of sustainable brown girl, Ariel Green created this podcast to connect inspiring women to live more sustainably. These conversations with brown girls from around the world create a new perspective for listeners.

Listen to: Advocating for Prison Reform through Sustainable Fashion, Saving Green by Going Green

Listen on: iTunes, Spotify, Google, ListenNotes

Green Dreamer

3. Green Dreamer

The Green Dreamer Podcast is hosted by Kamea Chayne. Each episode is very informative and expands on holistic healing, ecological regeneration, and true abundance + wellness.

Listen to: Honoring the wisdom of mother trees and old-growth forests, Connecting functional medicine and regenerative agriculture for our collective health

Listen on: iTunes, Spotify, PodBean, Stitches, ListenNotes

Eco Entrepreneurs

4. The Eco Entrepreneurs Podcast

This specific podcast by Rashmi Vittal starts a conversation with both conscious men and women who take action. Eco Entrepreneurs Podcast shares the stories of struggles and survival from eco-warrior entrepreneurs from across the globe.

Listen to: Waste: You will never look at it the same way again

Listen on: iTunes, Pod Bean, ListenNotes

The Sustainability Agenda

5. The Sustainability Agenda

The Sustainability Agenda Podcast is one of my favourite podcasts since it allows leading green thinkers to share and express today’s biggest sustainability questions. There are various eco topics and I love how each episode helps you to understand what is working, what's not, and what can be done.

Listen to: Interview with David Loy, professor, writer, and Zen teacher of Japanese Zen Buddhism, Interview with Medha Patkar, a social activist

Listen on: Spotify, TuneIn, iTunes

The Imperfect Impact Pod

6. The Imperfect Impact Pod

A fairly new podcast that allows us to focus on progress over perfection. The host, Taylor thrives to present the information as accessible and attainable as possible.

Listen to: Impact Media has on Environmentalism + Why We Need To Embrace Imperfection, Inspiration/Comparison In Environmentalism + Burnout

Listen on: TuneIn, Google, Spotify

Sustainable Minimalists

7. Sustainable Minimalists

Stephanie Seferian is the host of Sustainable Minimalists. This podcast focuses on conscious consumerism, sustainability, and environmentally-friendly parenting practices.

Listen to: Finding your Minimalist Mindset, How to be Happy in a Small Home

Listen on: iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify

Low Tox Life The Podcast

8. Low Tox Life The Podcast

The Low Tox Life Podcast is hosted by Alex Stuart, which is about our bodies, minds, and souls. This podcast has various informative topics on sleeping habits, and

the way we eat and take care of ourselves.

Listen to: Resetting your metabolism, Building Resilience

Listen on: iTunes, Spotify, PodBean

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