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Hello and welcome !

Here is my story 

My name is Jenieki and I’m channeling an eco conscious lifestyle. While growing up in mother nature’s best kept secret, Belize I have always had a love for nature and after spending three years on an icy island in Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador I diverted into a conscious lifestyle where I’m mindful of my choices and how it affects the earth.


Presently, living in Toronto, Canada made me realize that cities are where people tend to disregard the little things in life due to the hustle and bustle lifestyle. Therefore, I wanted to share my thoughts on some conscious actions to co-create a better planet. 



Venture with Jen is here to en-lighten you with some of my choices around the green movement. Let's learn to take baby steps together.
Throughout my journey as a blogger, I work with small sustainable brands and local stores by helping them with their social media presence through brand awareness and content creation.
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